Bellview's Story

Bellview Assembly of God was started on August 13, 1961 by Rev. Douglas B. Green. Pastor Green was a Sunday School teacher at Brownsville Assembly of God when God laid the Bellview Community on his heart. Pastor Green found and purchased a little red house on the corner of Nashville Avenue and Michigan Avenue from Mr. and Mrs. John A. Quarterman and started Bellview Assembly of God.

The first service in that little red house had 17 people in attendance (the Green family, Hester family, Patrick family, Tommie Lee Green and Dot Pate).

As the church grew the little red house became the SundaySchool facilities and a new sanctuary, which is now our Fellowship Hall, was built.

The congregation, a little later, built a new Sunday School facility and the little red house became the activity center.

The church continued to grow so in 1971 Pastor Green and the congregation built our present sanctuary facility and the little red house was sold and moved.

The past pastors of our church have been Rev. Douglas Green, Rev. Jack McIntosh and Rev. Daniel Jenkins.

Our present pastor is Rev. J. B. Shoumaker, Jr. Pastor Shoumaker and his family came to our church on October 2, 1994.

Countless number of lives has been changed and numerous men and women called into the ministry through the ministries of our church.

All of this started through God’s vision birthed in one man – Rev. D.B. Green.

2920 W. Michigan Ave
Pensacola, FL 32526
(850) 944-5502
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